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About Us

This year marks our third year of providing the Apple community with the highest quality upgrades, gear, and accessories as we celebrate our anniversary. We are unable to express our gratitude for the opportunity to serve our clients and dream large enough, as well as for the privilege of being able to do what we so deeply enjoy doing each and every day. We are ecstatic about the limitless prospects that lie ahead for us in the next three years, and we cannot wait to present everything that we have planned for the upcoming years. We are always focused on moving forward and upward with a dedication to innovation, quality, and trust, and we always aim to go further in order to offer a higher return on the technology investments that our clients make.

Our clients count on us to supply dependable products and services without hesitating or making concessions in any way. We are devoted to delivering free, comprehensive educational information and the support necessary to ensure that the customer experience provided by is superior to that provided by any other website.

Since its establishment in the year 2020 in Singapore,  by Mr. Ashok Sharma has been the preeminent online source for users of Mac and iOS devices all over the world in need of upgrades and expansion items. We have, over the past three years, provided you with exemplary updates and hardware from , Grandlink Global Pte Ltd, and other companies, in addition to extensive, cost-free resources, so that you can advance further with your technology. The family has grown to include three campuses since 2023, one each in the Countries of India, Phillipines, BC in Canada